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Work Experience

1988- Present
Consultant/Owner/Mechanical Design Engineer

Highly experienced in 3d Computer Aided Design

Machine Design (dial/rotary continuous flow tooling for assembly for syringes-High Speed Medical assembly.)

End Of Arm Tool’s (EOAT’S) corn, ice cream,

Milk create, concrete, chicken fertilizer, ect.

Tooling & Jigs and Fixtures

Laser Beam Delivery Systems Layout, Custom Laser Systems Machines

Guarding, Industrial layouts

Sheet metal, Ovens, Enclosures systems

Robotic Conveying Systems, Palletizers, sheet dispensers.

Rendering realistic models Product design

Automated medical assembly

Heavy Duty Tables, Frames & Platforms, Stairs

Weldments (frames, brackets, carts, lifts)

Vibratory Feeders, automation conveying.

Concept drawing

Equipment / Plant Layout

Design large assemblies

Assembly drawings (Balloon & cutaways views)

Detail piece parts.

Created & process Bills of Material

Geometric Dimensioning Tolerance (GDT)

Military tooling, Explosives/Devices

Rendering of Fancy Wood Cabinet

Grapples, Automated Lifting Beams, Trailer for Hauling Logs.

Outdoor Furniture, 9 ft Marble Center hidden Grill - fully Automated.

Fire & Earth Quake Safe Cabinet.

      I have work in many different fields of design and detailing.   Most important was tooling design for the military to load explosive and explosive devices.  Designed and detailed all drawing to tight tolerances. After desert storm, everyone was laid off, so I moved backed to the twin cities and started designing & detailing parts and assemblies for laser systems. I designed a enclosure that had to fit inside an elevator. Inside of the enclosure, designed a special custom laser system that tapped the pin out of the Russians warheads. The process disarmed them without exploding. 
     Soon after, I designed and detailed large continuous machine tooling assemblies used for assembling BD syringes.  I also designed and detailed large ovens to cure canula. Lasted 8 years.  
     Then, I started designing for  Robotic companies. Custom designs for End of Arm Tools for picking boxes, ice, ice cream, cement pads, chicken poop, slip sheet dispensers, pallet dispensers, with no change overs of tooling. One tool with multiple tools to perform all tasks. Kind of like Transforms. 
I also have designed my own End of Arm Tool which I sold (3) to Pioneer Hi-Bred and still running since 2010.

    I have designed lots of tooling for different products.  I always worked with project engineers that picked out the required high-end components so I could continue to design all necessary frames, brackets, tooling, sheet-metal shrouds, to create working machines.

       I love to design and detail projects.  I create assembly drawings and exploded views, cut away and detail piece parts.  I used  Autodesk Inventor to design 3d models for 10 years. I changed over to SolidWorks. I have been designing using SolidWorks for the last 11 years.  I purchased my license of SolidWorks from 2015 thru 2021.
I have been using SolidWorks 2020 & 2021 with most customers.  


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